What we offer

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a one-on-one relationship where you can completely be who you are, without judgment.

So many of us feel anxiety, yet don't know what to do. So many of us feel depression, yet feel we are the only ones. It can be so hard dealing with these issues that even reaching out to someone can be overwhelming. We understand, and know that even picking up the phone and making an appointment is a giant leap.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is when individuals who can relate to each other choose to work and grow together.

This is a chance for you to get feedback on how you interact with others, and to learn how to cultivate true, powerful relationships. This is also a chance for you to heal by discussing your pain with others who have experienced the same.

Couples Therapy

It can be very difficult to bring a loved one to therapy, and being that vulnerable in the first place is one of the most important steps a couple can make in progressing.

This is a chance for you to openly discuss, with a professional, what has been troubling your life together. We have trained professionals that have worked with couples of all types, and we are here to work with both of you in cultivating your relationship.

Sand Tray Therapy

If the toys are the words of children, play therapy is their language.

Play therapy has been shown to be more communicative for children than verbalizing, and play therapy discovers what the child is trying to say, but cannot through words. If your child's behavior is troubling you and he/she cannot say what it is, this may be a helpful means to understand the message.

Family Therapy

Family therapy has been shown to be effective for families, as they are no longer viewed as a collection of individuals, but as a system with parts that influence each other. We have therapists with much experience in working with families, who believe that working with the entire family as a whole cultivates a much more productive relationship between all members.

Other Services

Hill Counseling also offers: Supervision for masters level clinicians seeking licensure. Consultations for businesses seeking improved time management or group cohesiveness. Seminars for new students in psychology seeking advice concerning private practice or insurance. Interventions for families dealing with loved ones addicted to substances, gambling, and more. For more information, contact us at 267-625-2552